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 YOUR first visit  

The Initial consultation

duration 1HR 


After completing a form to help us better understand your health, your back expert will be taken through a comprehensive health assessment. This includes:

  • Posture analysis

  • Orthopaedic and neurological testing

  • Identifying functional abnormalities

  • Primary Treatment


The focus of this session is diagnostic,  providing there are no contraindications to treatment or further investigation required (e.g. X-ray, MRI).


YOUR Second visit 

recommendations for care


DURATION 35 mins


After studying your findings and correlating them with your personal history, we will explain:

  • What we have found

  • What we can do to help

  • How many sessions you will need

  • How much it will cost

Once you know what to expect, we can start your treatment. 




YOUR Follow-up visits

Diving Deeper



DURATION 35 mins

Follow up visits for chiropractic care involve safe and gentle adjustments, to correct a dysfunctional nervous 


system. This will free up your spine and correct muscular and fascial dysfunction.

We recognise that good health is multifaceted,  so we will advise you on ways you can improve your health and


wellbeing. We find that clients who take on board this additional information have better outcomes. These



  • Movement and exercise

  • Healthy diet

  • Sleep and recovery

  • Mindfulness and stress management

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